Luc Theriault aka. Louki

This is a simple ReFill with 25 patches. I tried to include interesting descriptions like "fly in my soup" and "bag of hammers"... There are 25 interesting patches.

If you were looking for hundreds or thousands of patches, this one isn't it. But if you want to have some interesting effects to try out, feel free to download it and use it in your productions. Over 4300 people have downloaded it so far (not counting those who downloaded it directly from the Refills area of the Propellerheads Website). (Update May 2011: I stopped counting but those numbers were from a few years ago... tons of downloads!)

Free ReFill: Louki's Malstrom 25 FX

Update May 2011: Apparently some Mac users have had problems opening the .zip file above recently. You can use this one instead if you have problems: Louki's Malstrom 25 FX - Unzipped

There's no charge to download the ReFill or to use it in your productions.

Enjoy the ReFill! And feel free to vote for my songs on my SoundClick Page

I can be reached at loukirefills (at)

Copyright © 2004-2011, Luc Theriault.
ReFills and patches are provided on an AS-IS basis.

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